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Featured Blog: Sweet Ambs

Featured Blog: Sweet Ambs

Rarely am I so captivated by a blog to forage wildly through the entirety of the archives, but such was the case when I stumbled upon Sweet Ambs cookie blog. Her lovely little cookies are showcased through beautiful photos and videos set to classical music. Some of her cookies are hand painted, others are painstakingly embellished with royal icing to resemble lace or embroidery. Regardless of your affinity for baking, this blog is worth the click.

Dough Puncher?!

So I’m making new business cards and was looking for a catchy/witty job title…not that Baker is insufficient, I just think it’s a little lacking in the personality department. I looked it up on and a synonym was “dough puncher”. How random a phrase is that?! I thought it was hilarious!

Rachael McKinney, Dough Puncher.

It comes from the process of punching dough down during the rising process of bread making, but I didn’t know it was a title! I would love to put it on my business cards, but fear that it would confuse people. I told the owner of the bakery I work at, and he said people might get the wrong idea, maybe take offense. I think that’s stretching it, but whatever. My boyfriend thinks it sounds dirty. Of course his mind would go there…but, both are valid points, especially because a business card can be a client’s first impression of you. Should I care? Should I go for it cuz it’s a little bit funny and slightly dirty and has character? We’ll see. I’ve got a couple other ideas floating around so we’ll see what I land on.

Well that’s what’s goin on in my brain today….here’s a little snack for your eyes

*ps I love my job